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I want to add a phone number to the list of 5/10 numbers but do not need it to track the watch can this be done?

My TG Watch Time Zone is wrong, how do I change this?

I cannot hear the TG watch ringing or anyone speaking on it? How do I turn up the volume?

How do I measure my childs average step to work out Health features?

Technical Questions

Battery Life

How do I add another TG Watch to the App?

Will I have OPTUS coverage where I am?

I cannot access the App on my Phone?

I cannot get the phone to connect with my TG Watch?

I cannot get more than one TG watch on my Smartphone App?

I have set up the Do not Disturb time during school hours but need to check in on the location of my child. How can I do this?

What does the Red vs Blue icon in maps tell me?

I cannot set the Geo Fence?

How often does the Timely Guardian watch update its location?

What is Poll Drift?

I keep having the following come up in Maps – Equipment are not connected to the internet?

Is the watch waterproof?

What is going to occur when 2G services cease in Australia?

I can’t seem to see the name of who the phone number belongs to on the watch in contact list?

How to use the device

How does my child send me a SOS for help in an emergency?

How do I make a call from the watch?

How do I send a voice message from the watch?

How do I retrieve the messge off the watch?

I can’t seem to get the message to connect with the watch via Intercom?

How do I send an SMS to the watch from my smartphone?