Great feedback from our Introduction Offer Customers

“Love the features of this watch especially being able to call or text my 7 year old.” Tracey

“After losing my child at school carols by candlelight and taking 45 mins to locate him. I now know I can go to a event such as this and have piece of mind by using the geo fence or even just calling him to say its time to go, and meet me at the meeting point we discussed at the start of the night. No more anxiety attacks for me or him. Thank you TG.” Alison

“This is great , now I don’t need to buy my 10 year old a phone.” Ben

“I recently purchased 2 watches for my kids (6 and 8). They love comparing who did more steps each day.” Karen

“This watch has helped me to connect my kids so they can keep in touch with each other. I didn’t want to buy my 9 year old a phone but I need her to be able to get in contact with her older brother (14) for after school pick up after her music lessons so they can walk home together. Now they can call each other and I can also track them. Love it.” Nicole
“Hi Timely Guardian can I have a laser (light buz lightyear) added to the watch?” from 10 year old Jason –TG “we will see what we can do but can’t promise anything!”

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