Welcome to Timely Guardian

Timely Guardian was created by parents for parents. With safety in mind, our mission is to empower our children with independence and provide peace of mind for parents. By placing this into the hands of parents and children everywhere, we aim to make this an iconic beacon of safety.

Here are some of the Timely Guardian features.

1. Trace locations or Footprints (so you can see where they have been during the day)
2. Geo Fencing (place a virtual fence along a path or area they take such as bus route to school, walking to the park or off to their friends house)
3. Watch Removal Alert (if the watch is removed for any reason a alarm is sent to your phone to notify you)
4. SOS Alert (if your child feels they need to get in touch urgently with you, or they are in danger they just press one button to connect to you)
5. GPS Tracking (you can monitor this off your smartphone)
6. Receive text but only from the numbers you have placed into the watch
7. Receive calls and make calls only to the numbers you have placed into the watch (they can even leave you a brief message)
8. Can count the amount of steps taken in the day for health tracking
9. Sleep Quality can be measured depending on the amount of roll overs during the night
10. School Hour Pause (you can program the watch to be on sleep mode during school hours so it won't ring during school time and interrupt class. This can be done from your smartphone and doesn't interfere with the tracking function)
11. It can tell the Time! Just to say the obvious


Avoid buying phones too early for children, but still enjoy the benefits!  Perfect for 5 + years