SIM CARD PLANS for the Timely Guardian Watch

TG is now proud to solely use the OPTUS 3G network and as such has negotiated a deal that makes your monthly plan both simple and affordable.
All watches come with the SIM already pre installed and Good to Go!
Our plan structure is as follows: Everyone starts at the basic plan every month.
Each month this allows for enough data to track the watch plus 30mins of voice calls from the watch.
If you go above the base plan voice amount of 30 mins you will automatically be moved to the mid range plan which allows for up to 60 minutes of calls from the watch.
Beyond 60 minutes of usage you will progress to this the highest plan available which is for unlimited usage.

The beauty of our system is that each month you will automatically revert to the basic plan. This means you do not have to lock yourself into a monthly amount that you are unsure of usage required, plus your child doesn’t run the risk of not having credit available. You will also receive a notification from us if the device is about to move into the next higher plan (Mid or High Use), however if this does occur you can rest easily that next month you start back at the Basic Plan again.

*The reason we are not offering a 'Pre-paid' plan. We would never wish for somebody to require the use of the sort of device, (especially for an emergency) and can't because of credit issues.

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