Back to School after the Holiday's

Back to School after the Holiday’s

Wow, doesn’t time fly, only a few more days to go until term 4 begins.  Where has the year gone?

School holiday’s are a needed break from strict routine and study, however, kids can have a trouble  adjusting their holiday routine back into school mode.  On holidays children wake up later as they have often gone to bed later than normal, they are often physically more active as they are not sitting in a classroom or they can become couch potatoes as they play on computers, video games or watch movies and tv more.  

Now that the holiday’s are over, how do you get your child back into school mode without the dramas.
One day preparation is not enough, they have to sink their body clock on this new routine again which can take at least 3 days, so that their body will not be shocked on the sudden change.
Here are some tip parents can do to help their children adjust back into school mode:

Dim Lights before bedtime 

Dim LightsSetting the mood is most important.  Have an early lights out routine for the living room and kitchen area 30 min before bedtime to help them wind down. Make it a time for reading a book or talking about your day and what you did. Have a night light set up in the child's bedroom,  It might be a plug in baby light, a lava lamp or a table lamp.

Use colour to help your child unwind,

Different colours of light do different things, so choose wisely:

White: The stark brightness of this colour  light will keep the children awake, so its best used during the day or for wake up.

Yellow: Is a calming and warm light, so it helps the brain to switch off from the chaos of the day and therefore make them feel a little more sleepy.

Orange: This color is said to be like coffee it helps to activate and stimulate the brain.  (DO NOT use in children’s bedrooms)

Purple: Study shows that purple creates an aura that makes even adults feel relaxed. This could make children 2x more sleepy than other colors.
*Tips: Install a combination of white and purple lights in a child’s room. Purple to help them feel sleepy and then white to easily help them wake up.

Electronics Ban 

This is not just gadgets (phones, laptops, computers, portable games, mp3 players). This also includes gaming consoles, television and even radio.

A common mistake parents do, is neglect the presence of a tv and/or radio in their child’s room. This is a piece of unnoticed distraction for children.

Electronics BanSome say it’s a good way for the kids to fall asleep, but the truth is, these devices allow the brain to keep active without fully relaxing and allowing the body to rejuvenate and repair itself in deep rom sleep.

Their brain functions into waking up for another episode or unconsciously trying to sing along in their heads with the songs playing.

If you do want to have music playing make sure it is a soft tune with no words.

*Tips: Try placing a music box in a room instead. This will act as a lullaby that helps your child stimulate and relax.

Warm Bath 

Warm BathWhether the weather is hot or cold, children's energy levels will lower  by taking a warm bath. This makes their muscles relax and makes them feel tired - in a good way.

In a study, it was found that children also slept throughout the whole night better without waking up due to the relaxing benefits of a warm bath.  Trying adding some lavender essential oil or Epson salts to have added relaxing benefits.

*Tips: If the child doesn’t want to take a warm bath, try soaking their feet or placing a warm face washer on their face, in winter use a warm water bottle in bed.

Warm Milk 

When all else fails, warm milk is the answer. Remember when your child was a baby? They instantly calm down and sleep when they’ve been given warm milk?

Warm MilkThis is because like hot baths, warm milk relaxes the body, the plus side of warm milk is because it helps the body relax from the inside and also helps boost their calcium levels for strong teeth and bones.

*Tips: Avoid giving  a full glass to reduce midnight toilet runs or bed wetting. Also avoid chocolate milk as this contains sugar and it will boost their energy not relax them.

All the above suggestions are just tips/suggestions to consider to help ease your child back into their school day routine and to help avoid the tired and irritable child the next morning.

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