Halloween Tips and Tricks

October! Time to let those pumpkins and ghost decorations out!

Halloween is just right around the corner. With lots of decorations and costumes in stores, parents might overdo the budgeting and be broke by Christmas.

Listed below are the Halloween Tips and Tricks to spend the holiday through less budget with a perfect treat.


House Decoration

Instead of buying new decors, it would be a great time to clean and check out your cabinet, garage and storage room for old stuff you might need. Use it for unique set of creepy decorations.

This could also be a time to bond with your family. Let the children help with the easier tasks.




White sheet + food cover + pen marker + transparent strings


  1. Cut a hole in the center part of the white sheet, just enough for the holder
  2. Put the food cover inside the white sheet, insert the holder in the hole
  3. Draw eyes or mouth using the pen marker
  4. Tie the transparent string into the holder and then hang it anywhere

Creepy Dolls


Old dolls and stuffed toys (Ragdoll, Barbie, Teddy Bear, Clown)

creepy dolls

  1. Be CREATIVE - Make them look creepy as much as you can (tear them, sew them, paint them)

Spider Webs


A. Stick glue + glue gun

 spider webs 1

B. Thin white or gray thread

 spider webs 2

C. Thin white stockings + thumb tacks

 spider webs 3

Halloween Pumpkins


A. Logs/Wood + sticks + green ribbon + black and orange paint

Halloween Pumpkin 1

B. Jar lids + sticks + string/thin rope + orange paint + lights (optional)

Halloween Pumpkin 2

C. Ball + pen marker + orange paint

Halloween Pumpkin 3

D. Jars + paints + pen markers + candle/led lights/christmas lights/glow stick

     Halloween Pumpkin 4

    Monster Staring Eyes


    Tissue paper roll with core carton + scissors + scotch tape + glow stick or small flashlights

     Monster eyes

    1. Cut the carton with any creepy eyes design
    2. Put the glow stick or flashlight inside the carton
    3. Stuff tissue on the carton openings
    4. Tape the sides of the carton to seal the light inside
    5. Put in bushes, trees, etc.  and see it stare in the dark


    Trick or Treating Costume

    No need to buy costumes for the kids. With a creative mind, you’ll find the perfect costume inside your house.


    The Mummy


    Old white bed sheet or blanket + under garments (tank top or white longsleeves) + white tights + scissors


    1. We all know the drill - You sew it or you just tie it in a knot
      1. Don’t use the toilet paper method, it will easily fall off and be ruined



    Old clothes + scissors + charcoal + dark green or red paint/makeup + black, green, purple eye liner


    1. Tear the clothes until it looks more old
    2. Crush charcoals and wipe it using the clothes
    3. Paint it green or red for blood drama
    4. Put makeup on the kid’s face, neck, arms, fingers, etc



    Wig + hair gel, hair mousse or spray net + fake fangs + black nail polish + ripped clothes


    1. Simply put a makeup on the kid’s face if you don’t have a wolf mask - it would be less uncomfortable for the kid.
    2. Wet the kid’s hair before putting on gel/mousse/spray net

    Creepy Clown


    Temporary hair color (sprays or chalks) + long sleeves + suspenders (boys) + tutu dress (for girls)

    Creepy clowns

    1. Creepy looks will depend on how you do the makeup
    2. Balloons, party hats and other party materials could be added to the costume
    3. This costume makes more creepier when wear by a group


    While parents don’t usually go with their kids on house to house treat or tricking, it would be useful to have them wear a Timely Guardian GPS watch. Parents could set the geo fence feature within the neighbourhood’s area, so parents would know if the kids gone too far.

     Halloween Reminder

    There are lots of halloween decorations and costumes you can create with your children from your old stuff. No need to cash out, all you need to do is be creative.