National Child Protection Week #PlayYourPart


This week is National Child Protection Week from the 4th September to 10th September.  This year’s focus is all about ‘Stronger Communities, Safer Children’, basically meaning “Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business”.

This week is all about educating and informing not just parents, but children and the wider community which is going to take a united front to help keep our kids safe.  Through interactive activities within each community, patrols within neighbour hoods and organized events throughout the week you can participate in this fantastic campaign of “Play Your Part Awards”.  
“Playing your part can range from encouraging children and young people’s participation in their community to hosting a National Child Protection Week event or promoting a family friendly environment at your work.

Police departments are even posting through social media channels using the hashtag #PlayYourPart to get more of the community involved.

Keeping children safe and feeling protected is one of the hardest roles and biggest responsibility you have as a parent. Especially single parents and carer’s who are busy juggling siblings, sports drop off,  daily work and/or household tasks or even social/behavioral disorders. Unlike what many may think, as the child gets older protecting them doesn’t stop. The truth however, is protecting your child no matter what age  will always be your constant concern as a parent.  So how can we prevent the anxiety and stress this can bring while giving our kids room to grow and explore in this fast paced society?

With a growing population, advancements in technology and evolving economy, having enough time to juggle everything becomes more and more difficult. Parents can’t be with their children 24/7. At some point we need to cut the apron strings and allow them to walk to school on their own, go to the shops to run errands, go to friends houses to play or simply stay at home over school holidays or during weekends for short periods.

As part of the National Child Protection campaign they have highlighted several key points we can do as parents to help educate and keep our kids safe:

  1. Never talk/go with strangers
  2. Do not take/receive anything from people they don’t know (money, lollies, car lift home)
  3. Never let anyone they don’t know inside the house, even if they say they know the parents, siblings, etc.
  4. When playing outside:
  • stay in a place where they can be easily seen
  • Stay close with their siblings in a play area
      5. Never be afraid to call for HELP

These tips can easily be remembered by the parents, but what if the child forgets these simple rules?  There is now another useful tool/device that can help give both parents and the child peace of mind and reduced anxiety via a GPS Tracking watch for kids that is simply controled via the parents smartphone.

Timely Guardian offers a
GPS watch for kids (phone on the wrist). It has a real-time tracking system that can be monitored through your smartphone. It can receive and call up to 10 programmed numbers on the watch on a closed network plus a built-in alarm that can notify the parents if their child has breached a play area or school zone.  This watch can be turned off by the parent’s smartphone during school hours so as not to interrupt the teachers during class time and it will send an automatic SOS alert when the watch has been removed and it will send a message with co ordinates through google maps on where the device was removed. It also has a health monitor that  tells the wearer how many steps, calories they have used up and more.

Lets teach our kids how to protect themselves everyday and not just for the National Child Protection week.  Be on a child safety patrol every day in your home and community.  Lets Connect, Protect and Empower.