Never Lose What You Need: Nut 3 Bluetooth Tracker

Tired of losing things just because you forgot where you put it?

Where is it?

Cell phones, wallets, keys, medicines, bags, remote controls and even pets! If you happen to encounter yourself saying, “Oh how I wish I could just call this thing to know where it is” then you might like a few of these handy tips on how to prevent that from happening again.


Tidy Up

Everything surely goes missing if you don’t clean up. Just throwing everything everywhere, especially when you come home tired, sleepy or over the day you have just had. Try to clean up your place even at least once a week to minimize the mess and find what you’re looking for without hassle.



A large part of cleaning up, organize your things.  Have a place for different items, such as bags, school bags, incoming mail, bills.

Buy or create an organiser for things that are usually being used. Some of them, we can’t really explain but just disappear, they can be out of sight even if you’re pretty sure that you just put it in a place where you can easily see it. Perfect examples are bags, coins, keys and medicines.  Get into a routine of putting things in the same spot each day.


Entry Table

You probably already have that entrance bench or table and use it for stacking up books, standee for flower vases, a surface for framed pictures, but you can use it for more valuable thing.

Put it near your door and place a wide bowl on it. Practice a routine of  – putting your keys, phone and wallet on it when you arrive from outside and get them before going out again.



Put up a piece of memo (post-it) on your main door on the inside to remind you for your important stuff before leaving the house.

It could be in a paper, a white board or cork board. Be sure to make it bold to grab your attention every time, because if you’re already used to just seeing it on the door, you won’t mind reading it all over again.


Special Area

Create an area where it can only be used for important stuff. This would serve as a space for the things you will be needing the next day.

Put your bag, luggage, coat, documents, passport and everything you might need the next day for your office needs, flight, tour, etc.


Muscle Memory

It is true, that when you do the same thing every day, it becomes a routine and your muscles remember doing it without you even thinking about it.

By putting your keys and wallet where they should always be and putting your remote controls beside your television, your body becomes aware of what and where you should get your things the next time you walk pass that area.


Tracking Device

If you can’t afford to keep replacing items you are misplacing or losing? Then check out our New NUT 3 Bluetooth Tracker.

This device will make you save time in looking for your stuff and save you money in the long run.

No need to be anxious when you can’t find your pet in the park, salvaging through your laundry basket for your wallet, keys or phone.


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