Parents Guideline: Teaching kids about "Safety"

Each year, there are 20,000 kids reported missing in Australia alone, and this number doesn’t count the unreported cases.

As parents, we have the important role of teaching our children how to stay safe. Helping to arm them with the tools and knowledge on how to protect themselves from the unknown. But how do you even begin to start informing them without scaring them?  Here are some great guidelines on where to begin.


Helping them to understand why you’re talking to them about stranger danger

What to do:

  1. Take them to a comfortable place in your home and tell them that you need to discuss something important (very important).
  2. Speak to them as they are an adult - Do not make them think that this is just a minor thing to talk about.
  3. Tell them the importance of being safe with or without you (the parents) or their older siblings around.
  4. Ask them if they understand what you’ve said.
  5. Make them repeat the things you have told them.


Give them simple guidelines

Keep it simple, to help them retain the information you’re giving them.  Create a simple list like the example below.

Safety Reminders For Kids

  1. Never talk/go with strangers
  2. Do not take/receive anything from people they don’t know (money, lollies, car lift home)
  3. Never let anyone they don’t know inside the house, even if they say they know the parents, siblings, etc.
  4. Never be afraid to call (SHOUT) for HELP
  5. When playing outside:
  • stay in a place where they can be easily seen
  • Stay close with their siblings in a play area and look out for each other

Siblings Responsibility

Teach siblings how to look out for each other with simple guidelines. Point out the importance of each responsibility, as this will be another major key for them to be safe and secure.  Roles and responsibility will also need to be adjusted depending on each age.


  • They should always be on the lookout for their younger siblings.
  • Be responsible and be a good role model to the younger ones.
  • Don’t leave anyone behind
  • Always be the last to get on the bus or into the car.
  • If it’s possible to get them to hold their hands when walking
  • DO NOT take off your safety devices (TG watch) – practice how to use it incase of an emergency
  • DO NOT text/call while crossing the road (wait until the location is already safe for texts or phone calls)
  • Call or SHOUT for HELP


  • They are the 2nd person in charge. Should work hand in hand with the eldest.
  • Don’t leave anyone behind
  • Help the eldest to guide the younger ones
  • If it’s possible to hold hands with your siblings when walking, do it.
  • DO NOT take off your safety devices (TG Watch) – practice how to use it for emergencies
  • SHOUT for HELP


  • Always listen to the elder sibling
  • DO NOT wander around where you cannot be seen
  • Hold hands with your siblings
  • DO NOT take off your safety devices (TG Watch)
  • SHOUT for HELP


For the parents

As parents we can’t always be with our kids, especially as they get older and become more independent.  However, if you have given them these simple and effective tools early on then you have helped to arm them with the tools needed just incase.   Other great tools to assist in staying connected with your kids is through the use of a safety device, like Timely Guardian’s GPS Tracker. Just go on this link for more information. #GPSTrackerdevice