Technology: How it has changed the way we live in the past 20 years

We’re now living in a world where almost everything is controlled or operated by technology resources such as the internet, Bluetooth, wifi or even paypass.

If you want to know something - you Google it, if you want to buy something - you can go virtual shopping, want to go somewhere - you can book a flight, accommodation online, even ordering food or our groceries.  

If you were born in this generation, you’ll think it’s all normal. Thus, if you were born more than 20 years ago… Now that’s a different story.


Warning! This post will give nostalgic effects


20 years ago, there’s no such thing as smartphones, tablets, wireless gadgets and even the all time famous internet was only really starting to evolve. Instead we had chunky satellite phones, walkmans, and it was often only the affluent who could afford them.  Teenagers had to rely on catching up at school or walk down the park to catch up with friends or use the land line and home phone,  we had to leave messages on the fridge door to tell mum or dad where we went.

20 years ago


Nowadays, we call this “snail mail”, why? Because sending letters through mail can take up to at least five days before you receive it; that depends on how far you are to the sender.

From writing letters, time evolved and then the Internet came. People could send a letter on line and the receiver would have it same day.  This has made not just personal communication better and easier but also the way in which we conducted business.  The only problem now is when we send an email we expect an immediate response.


If you already watched a movie with a setting from 20 years ago, you know what satellite phone is. They are those big, bulky  and heavy phones with long antennas.
Unable to put in in your back pocket or handbag compared to the sleek small phones of today.

As time goes by, comes the landline or  known as home phones are slowly disappearing as most people solely rely on their mobile phone.



Beside the generation of satellite and landlines, there’s another timeline where phone communication put up a notch to technology. This is the time for cellphones - called “cell phones” because of its size.

The more it go down on a size, the more it’s being wanted by the market. Now, we have smart phones, no need to explain; we all know what smartphones are capable of.



These 3 have the same function, to let music be played on a portable way. The difference isthe way it played the music.  Walkmans used cassette tapes, discman used compact discs and then MP3/MP4s were the start of downloadable.



Way back, there are physical games: Hide and seek, climbing trees, tags and water balloons, and then there's gaming materials: Gameboy, family computer, NES, board games, puzzles; then comes -  playstation/xbox, to computer online games, and then mobile apps.



Less than 20 years ago, children wanted to own bikes, skateboards, roller blades and other “old school” rides. Now, children want hoverboards, electric bikes and other rides that involves battery.

There are a lot of things that has changed, as someone who’s been born 20 years ago, we might think… technology sometimes stinks, but if you look closely and embrace the changes, you’ll also see the good in it.

Processes are faster, communications are more possible for impossible distances, more time to do a lot of stuff while using the internet - pay bills, research for important things, reach people easier, etc.


Technology also helped us to feel more in control with things we can’t take control of before internet came. But of course, we should also be wise, with the technology becomes more and more in demand, we should know how to prevent ourselves into sharing personal information.


Enjoy technology but be safe. CONNECT-PROTECT-EMPOWER