The Gift of Christmas Spirit

Either too early or late Yuletide season for some, Christmas spirit already filled the air the moment “ber” months came.

Got a little segue of giving the road to Halloween but now that Jack Skelengton already passed, it’s time to merrily wait for the jolly good fellow! Be sure to be nice or he’ll sign your name on the naughty list without a good present this year.

People have this poor moods that changes whenever Christmastime comes. Some are grumpy, some are depressed, and some even always feel dismay. But when they hear carols for Noel, all unhappiness melts away like a snow in summer time.

How would you know if a person already has this holiday frenzy?

Shopping and Wrapping Gifts

Surely, early Christmas shopping is one of the many things to tell if the person embraced the spirit of Christmas. This not only cut to buying gifts for their loved ones but also wrapping ‘em immediately after paying it for. Some take the stuff to the wrapping sections; but for some, wrapping the gifts themselves make it extra special.

Shopping gifts for a family member is quite natural, this is called the spirit of love. Making something for a friend, it’s the spirit of friendship. And then there’s buying for someone who’s not close to you… well, that’s the spirit of giving! All of these goes hand in hand with the Christmas spirit.

Decorations and Christmas Carols

Putting up that Christmas tree as early September. Decorating the house up to the roof with colourful little dancing lights and reindeers. Christmas flowers and mistletoe. Plus don’t forget the pine leaves on the doors and porch. Singing Christmas carols anywhere, anytime, everywhere!

Some nails socks and stocking on the rails of their stairs, others put it up on the fireplace where a lot believes that Santa Clause enters to your home down the chimney. Kids write down letters to be sent to Santa’s helpers who happened to be the small elves.

Sharing and Giving

A familiar routine is also being done by some jolly spirited persons. All the kids have to do is go to their house and they’ll be giving treats like on the Halloween trick or treats. The only thing they ask for in return is smiles and thank yous.

Some people bake fruitcakes and share it with their friends and neighbours. They also put candies and chocolates in separate little plastic bags to be given on children who sing Christmas carols, instead of giving them money.


Know someone who doesn’t have these behaviours yet? Maybe you can help them have it! ^_^

… And don’t forget to leave snacks for Saint Nick and his helpers on Christmas Eve. They might be hungry with bringing all the children their wonderful gifts.