Timely Guardian meets brave Jocelyn

Last week we drove down to the Gold Coast to meet up with brave Jocelyn the 5 year old girl who disappeared on her mum and dad during a afternoon hand over.  Jocelyn who loves hide and seek took it to a whole new level when she made a run for it whilst mum and dad where talking.  After 22 hrs of a massive local network of volunteers, SES and Police and plenty of anxiety, 2 local strangers found Jocelyn safe and well, although cold, hungry and enough scratches to tell an amazing story about her ordeal.

Kids will do the darnedest things and even though we can try our best sometimes they just take off, be it at the shopping centre, park, school or even from our own house.

Timely Guardian felt that after this adventure Jocelyn put her family through we would donate one of our Timely Guardian Watches to help locate and stay connected to Jocelyn.  After being told Green was her favourite colour we where happy to deliver and meet Jocelyn a very bright and bubbly 5 year old girl.

We wish the family all the best and hope that they will not have to endure another sleepless night.