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Timely Guardian was created by parents for parents.  With safety in mind our mission is to empower our children with independence and to provide peace of mind for parents.   By placing this into the hands of parents and children everywhere, we aim to make this an iconic beacon of safety.

Each year there are 20 000 kids reported missing in Australia alone. This does not include those that are not reported to authorities.

Our Timely Guardian Watch is not designed to be the complete answer in keeping kids safe, however it is one tool that could be used to help reduce the risk but also to simply stay connected to your kids without giving them a phone to early, which has other concerns for parents such as social media exposure and outsiders accessing the phone.

We believe that combining education on stranger danger and a device such as Timely Guardian, could help take a lot of anxiety out of a already fast paced world that we live in now.

Currently single and dual parents, parents with autistic children and the elderly are enjoying the benefits of our Timely Guardian watch.

By using the latest  technology, you can monitor your children as they walk to school, play in the park or outside your house, go to the shops plus they can use it like phone and call you whenever they need to or if you need to call them.  This saves you buying a phone too early and without the headache of expensive phone bills.

Key features include :-

  • GPS Tracking via your smartphone
  • Geo Fence
  • Store up to 5 - 10 numbers into the watch (depending on 2 or 3G watch)
  • Health monitoring features (step counter) - ONLY on the 2G watch
  • Receives small text messages (cannot send text from watch)
  • Receive and make calls from the watch (only to the programmed numbers for added safety)
  • Footprint replay
  • SOS Alert Feature (low battery or outside of geo fence)
  • $15 + gst month SIM Plan (see our SIM Plan deal)
  • Take out insurance for only $2.50 month (we know what kids are like) this covers all breakage including screen but not water logging
  • Of course it also tells the time.....