About us

Timely guardian was created by parents for parents.  With 3 children we are so happy we have found these devices and can bring it to Australia to help other families stay connected with their kids.

We are a Australian based company based out of Brisbane and can be contacted either by email or by a local number 07 3303 0102 for any questions you may have.

Having both military and police family backgrounds we understand the resources needed to help locate our children but also the anxiety and stress of having a child run off or disappear even if not intended, let alone the risk of predators seeking out our children.

With safety in mind our mission is to empower our children with independence and to provide peace of mind for parents.   

Each year there are 20 000 kids reported missing in Australia alone.  This does not include those that are not reported to authorities.

Our Timely Guardian Watch is not designed to be the complete answer in keeping kids safe, however it is one tool that could be used to help reduce the risk but also to simply stay connected to your kids without giving them a phone to early, which has other concerns for parents such as social media exposure and outsiders accessing the phone.

We believe that combining education on stranger danger and a device such as Timely Guardian, could help take a lot of anxiety out of a already fast paced world that we live in now.

Currently single and dual parents, parents with autistic children and the elderly are enjoying the benefits of our Timely Guardian watch.

By using the latest in GPS tracking systems available, our Timely Guardian watch can track your child's real time location, track the amount of activity that your loved one is performing on a daily basis (comparisons from day to day and week to week), re-trace their movements between certain time periods, set alarms, send text messages to the watch, it has a SOS function for distress and you can even call from and to the watch from designated numbers. 

We now have another new device the NUT 3 which is a tracker using Bluetooth.  Perfect for pets, valuables like laptops, keys, luggage and pets.

Avoid buying phones too early for children, but still enjoy the benefits!