Health Monitor

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 This feature is ONLY available with the 2G watch.

Step Counter

A 3D sensor is built into the watch and after you enter your details in the Health area of the App  it will count steps whilst you walk or run. It is not a definitive fitness tracker however it is a good measure from day to day to identify how much activity your loved ones are achieving each day. This will all be remotely monitored and the step counter is displayed on the smart phone screen.

Sleep Quality

According to the motion of the watch turning over it is possible to judge the watch wearers sleep quality. Double click on the Turnover of Sleep button and input your sleep times. The default check time is 10:00pm to 7:00am. The information is collected overnight and displayed on the application after 7:00 am.

Amount of Exercise

As per the footsteps taken and weight of individual you can identify approximately the total amount of energy burnt each day, measured by Calories. It should be noted that it is an approximation however will continue to be relative from day to day, therefore providing a general measure of actual performance throughout the period.

Sports Journey

As per the exercise identified above, the watch will calculate the total amount of metres that an individual has travelled in a daily period.

You'll need: Two pens, calculator and a tape measure

 Follow these steps;

Place one pen on the floor as your starting line.

Hold the other pen in your hand.

Place both of your heels so they are touching your starting line (your pen) and walk 10 steps,

Bring your feet together on the 10th step and place the second pen behind your heels.

Step away and grab your tape measure. Measure the distance between the two pens.

Using your calculator divide the distance by 10. That figure is your stride length.

You can use your heels or toes to measure step length as shown in the diagram above.
Example: Total distance between the two pens is 658 cm.
Divide 658 (cm) by 10 (steps) = 65.8 (cm)=Your average step length is 65 cm or .65m

Tip: We do recommend that you repeat this 2-3 times to give you a more accurate average. Often the first time you'll tend to over exaggerate your steps as you are focusing on walking.