Insurance Policy

We understand how busy kids can be and also what accidents can take place.

Hence why we offer Insurance!  Kids are likely to have a fall from a bike or monkey bars, getting wet, love playing in the dirt, or even playing tiggy or touch footy whilst wearing their TG Watch.

If you take out insurance you can rest assured that we have you covered from these accidents.  Your monthly $2.50 Insurance ($60 over 24 months + gst) on top of the monthly sim plan will cover you and your child for the following.

  • 24 months free replacement for the bands and buckles (maximum of 4 over 24 months), if you require further items there will be a charge of $5 per item
  • free screws if they come loose and they are lost
  • Watch face breakage or band completely rips off and tears the connection (maximum of 1 full watch replacement within 12 months of purchase) and if it breaks a second or 3rd time due to your child smashing it and it completely breaks you can purchase a new watch and will be charged only $49