NUT 3 - Bluetooth Tracking Device


Nut 3 Bluetooth Tracker Details


Smart Anti-Loss: When Nut mini is out of the safety range, your phone will beep to alarm you

Bidirectional Alarm: When the phone is left behind and out of safety range, Nut mini and your phone will both beep to alarm you. 

One Touch Find: Call Nut by pressing the “Beep” button on Nut App, Nut will beep for you to find it.

Location Record: Nut App will show you the location where and when Nut got disconnected on the map.  

Special Feature “Declare Lost”: When your Nut is disconnected, you can use “Declare Lost” for the Nut Network to help you find your Nut. All the Nut App users can help you search for your Nut after you declare lost.

Item Find Network: No more anxious when item gets lost. Declare lost through Nut App, all the working Nut Apps will scan the items around them automatically. When your item is found, you will be notified of the location where it has been found.

Community Search:

If an item is lost, the community can help you search for it with their own NutFind apps. You'll be notified instantly when and where the item is found.

When other Nut users approach your lost items, you will get a notification with the item’s locations. All these steps will be executed automatically while your privacies are well protected

Search For Lost Items

Find any item that the Nut is connected to by using the free app on your phone. Press the button on the Nut for three seconds to locate your phone.

Instant Range Alerts 

When either the phone or the Nut are separated, both devices will beep to alert you the instant something has been left behind.

Save Last Known Location

When an item or the phone is disconnected and lost, its last known location will show on the map to help you narrow your search, as well as the time it was disconnected.

Multi-Item Management

You can connect up to six Nut trackers with your app to keep track of six different things.



Size: 38.2*38.2* 7.2 mm

Battery Life: CR2032, 8 months to 1 year standby for regular use, replaceable battery

Ultra Low Power: Bluetooth technology that allows the battery life of up to 3 months

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Android 4.3 and above which supports Bluetooth 4.0, Samsung Galaxy s3/4/5, Galaxy Note 2/3, Nexus 4/5 and more.

iOs 7.0, iPhone 4s and above, iPad Mini, iPad 3 and newer

Connection distance:

Outdoors: with few blocks, the distance can be as far as 30-50 meters

Indoors: with walls and people around you, the distance will be around 10-30 meters. 



Call and Find Phone:

There is a button on Nut 3. When Nut is connected with your phone, you can double press or long press the button and your phone will beep for you to find it.

Deleting and Pairing:

Nut can only be deleted while it is connected. One Nut can be paired with another account after it is successfully deleted.

To delete, tap the item photo on the main interface and go to the setting interface, tap the “Delete” button on the bottom of this interface. If Nut is successfully deleted, this Nut can be paired with a new account for second use.

Lock and Unlock:

If you force to delete Nut while it is disconnected, this Nut will be locked and can only be unlocked by the original account.

Telling Distance:

When Nut is connected, the distance is displayed on the main interface by the signal dots and the text. The more signal dots get green, the stronger the signal is, and the closer you are from it. (Nut signals are actually Bluetooth signals, the signals might be blocked by some barriers.)


When Nut is connected, press the item photo on the main interface to the setting interface. Press the “Location” button and you can check the location of Nut.

When Nut is disconnected, press the “Location” button and you can check the location where Nut gets disconnected with your phone.

Declare Lost:

Tap the item photo on the main interface and go to the setting interface;

Tap “Declare Lost” button to the detail interface;

Set the Seeking Region and input your Cell Phone No. to submit;

Declaration finished with notification as “lost declared”


At Timely Guardian we understand that tracking other valuable or precious items including pets, phones, luggage and many other items can be just as tricky and frustrating.  Especially when your running out the door and just cannot find your keys or wallet.

Well here is the perfect solution.  Nut Finder 3 is a Blue tooth token/chip that you can simply tie onto your processions or pet to help locate them at the click of your app.  You can even tie it to your childs shoe or backpack incase they run off at the park or shopping centre.

This is the perfect for those that do not want to have monthly ongoing cost as there is no Sim it works off Bluetooth and the FREE App to go with it.  However it does not track your beloggings like the Timely Guardian Watch.


  • Two-way anti lost
  • Ultra-low power consumption – will last for approx 10 – 12 months depending on frequency of use
  • Light, thin, small in 4 colours
  • When the item is missing, the nut app will help you locate your missing item/valuables. Simply Press the button and the token will send out a alarm.  You can even have other users of the Nut APP help you find your lost or misplaced valuables, especially if you have moved out of the location and only just realised you have miss placed the item.
  • Uses Bluetooth technology to locate your pet, luggage, keys, passport, handbag, school bag, child
  • No on going monthly sim plan, perfect for younger children or special needs to help locate them if they run off at the park or shopping centre 
  • Perfect to locate your pets simply tie it to their collar
  • Free App for your phone and is compatible with Android 4.3 and above, iPhone 4s and above with Bluetooth 4.0

PRE ORDER NOW:  delivery during 1st week of December in time for holidays

Only $30 each normally $45 (4 colours to choose from) 

*However we have bundled it incase you want to track several items

$99 Travellers Package (3 Nuts):  Normally $135 ( track your phone, wallet and luggage)

$180 Holiday Package (6 Nuts):  Normally $ 243 (track 2 suite cases, phone, handbag, passport and camera)

$199 Family Connections ( 8 Nuts):  Normally $306 (track 2 sets of house keys, 2 sets car keys, phone, laptop, child or school bag, pet)

Free Postage included + GST at Checkout