SIM Plan - Voice and Data

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*  Please note the watches come preloaded to you with its Telstra Sim, you cannot put in a pre paid or other telco sim as this watch only works on the sims we provide due to frequency of the chips inside.  Please read carefully CANCELLATION TERMS, just because your child doesn't wear the watch or you have changed your mind or you didn't check the coverage for your area is not our fault.  Once a sim is activated it is a legal contract with the telco your sim belongs to via Timely Guardian.  We understand that at certain times of the year credit cards are under more pressure however if you default 2 months in a row we will suspend services until this is corrected and a reconnection of $10 will be charged.


*  Only works within the 2G Original Watches

*  Comes pre loaded in watch

*  $15 per month + gst = $16.50 month 

*  gives you 30min voice and data per month
* International roaming will be charged at $35 for the month


* Now only a 6 month plan for all new purchases from 1/11/16
*  Cancellation fees apply at $8 per month remaining on your contract + gst
*  Admin charge for cancellation is $25 per sim
*  If you default 2 months in a row for direct Debits - service will be suspended and $10 reactivation fee will be charged



Please check your area for OPTUS  coverage before purchasing! 

 We have enjoyed the partnership of OPTUS over the past 12 months however with the 2G Network about to turn off in April 2017  for WA and NT ONLY and August for the rest of the country.

Those that have our current watches on the Optus 2G Network will be able to enjoy this connection until August 2017 unless you live in WA and NT as you will lose the coverage in April.

Please note that the 2G model will still work after April/August  as the sim is 3/4G enabled.  It is just the hardware that is 2G and so it will act as a phone on the wrist it will just lose the tracking and GPS mode.


In April 2017 Optus has notified us that the 2G Network will cease in WA and NT.  If you live in these states you have the option to cancel your sim or continue your plan on a month by month.  The watches will lose the gps function but still work as a phone on the wrist.

If you live in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, ACT, TAS your 2G Network with Optus will cease in August 2017.  However as with the above states you can still use the watch as a phone after August if you choose to.