SOS and Alerts

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SOS Alert from the Watch 

2G Watch - By holding the SOS key for 3 seconds it will place the watch onto the Alert state and will commence the dialing of the 3 SOS numbers (twice for each number). This will then send an SOS message alert to each linked emergency SOS phone with time and location of emergency. This also has a link to google maps to provide a real time tracker of the device location. You are also able to send a message to the child’s number whilst the watch remains in a default off state, so as to not alert anybody in the presence of the wearer that it is an active GPS communications device.

3G Watch - Simply press the silver button on the right lower area and hold for 3 seconds to send the SOS signal to the 3 numbers saved on the app.

Watch Removal Alert - ONLY on the 2G Watch

There is a sensor switch inbuilt to the watchband. It will alert your smartphone by sending a message to the application if the watch is removed from the wrist and is off for a period of 3 minutes or more. The watch will send an alert message to the monitor number whilst also remaining in the default “off” state.

Low Power Alert

The watch battery appears in percentages. When lower than 20% the alert will occur automatically. The watch will once again send an alert message to the monitor number, again in the default “off” state. Simultaneously an alert notification will be sent to the application.