Trouble Shooting Q & A for our TG watch

Just like any new device (phone, iPad, computer), you and your child  are going to need to play with the device for a few hours or days to get comfortable and familiar with all the features.    However here are a few things that might get you stumped:


How long will it take for delivery?

Once you place your order and payment has been confirmed, you should expect your watch to arrive within 3 – 5 business days. You will receive an email with the dispatch advise including the Australia Post tracking number.

What aftersales support do you offer?

When your watch arrives it is already set up with your Optus SIM card and has easy to follow instructions with the box. As this is a new device we understand you may be overwhelmed and have many questions. If you get stuck during set up or afterwards please send us a email in the first instance if the website and our Troubleshooting Q & A do not assist you. Troubleshooting options:-

our website or

via email at or

call us on 1300 846359 (Timely) – Tech Support or 07 3303 0102 – General Inquiries

We will then be sure to add your questions to our list of Q & A, incase other have the same problems.

How long does the battery last?

Under normal operating conditions the battery can last up to 2 days depending on voice use and tracking setup. Voice calls to the watch, alerts and poor signal can drain the battery faster. It is recommended that you place the watch on charge every second night as a minimum.

How many phone numbers can I link to the watch?

You can set up 10 numbers to your TG watch. Not all these phone numbers require the App unless you wish that number to track the wearer.

How do I add another TG Watch to the App?

Only one account is to be set up for each watch. You will share the Account login to a second or third person who needs to monitor or use this app for the same TG watch or watches.

To set up the App for 2+ devices see the MY Account section.

** To ADD another TG Watch

Add the ID number found on the back of the watch into the regis_code box
Enter the Nickname for that watch
Press save
You can also delete a watch from this area

To get info such as health and GPS you will need to log into that particular device. So once done you now need to do the above on the other phone wishing to track the same TG device.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course you are free to cancel at any time however there is a cancellation fee that will apply as stated in our Terms and Conditions. Your watch is linked to a OPTUS SIM Plan that will be under a 2 year contract once purchased. We believe we have negotiated the BEST deal possible and ensures you are not going to be on plans that do not look out for your financial freedom.

Will I have OPTUS coverage where I am?

If you are concerned or located in a remote area, we would recommend you look up the OPTUS website, to view coverage zones for voice and data. Please contact us on 07 3303 0102 or email us at so we can discuss another platform for SIM.

I cannot access the App on my Phone?

Please make sure you have a QR Reader APP downloaded onto your phone.

If you do not currently have a QR Reader installed on your smartphone, go to your App Store to download for free. This is necessary as to to register your key details prior to the first Login.

I cannot get the phone to connect with my TG Watch?

You must enter the TG watch phone number into your Contact List on your smartphone to be able to set up the watch correctly. Then you will also in the Application set up the program and insert your phone number as one of the 10 phone numbers to be saved to the TG Watch.

I cannot get more than one TG watch on my Smartphone App?

Please make sure you have not set up a 2nd account, you must use only the one account and share these details to the other smartphones you require it to me linked to.

Also go back to the MY Account section and make sure you have followed the following steps, you may have not saved the details before exiting.

** To ADD another TG Watch

Add the ID number found on the back of the watch into the regis_code box
Enter the Nickname for that watch
Press save
To get info such as health and GPS you will need to log into that particular device. So once done you now need to do the above on the other phone wishing to track the same TG device.

I want to add a phone number to the list of 10 numbers but do not need it to track the watch can this be done?

Yes you can set this up such as a older siblings phone number. Simply add it to the watch via your smartphone with the other numbers and make sure that the person who owns this number also adds the TG watch phone number to their contact list on their phone so the two devices can connect with each other.

I have set up the Do not Disturb time during school hours but need to check in on the location of my child. How can I do this?

You can still check in on the location of your child whilst this function is on. If you wish to use the monitor function or believe that it is absolutely necessary to call during this time, you have the ability to change these times from your smart phone.

My TG Watch Time Zone is wrong, how do I change this?

The watch can be used around the world (be careful – International roaming charges apply) and it depends on your current time zone location. As an example QLD is always at GMT +10 hrs.

What does the RED Icon in Maps tell me?

When the icon is red it indicates that the GPS system is in use to track the device. GPS is the most accurate (+/- 10m), however may not be always advisable as it will be determined by satellite line of sight, terrain and satellite position.

What does the BLUE Icon in Maps tell me?

When the icon is blue it indicates that the LBS system is in use. This utilizes the surrounding communications towers to provide an approx. location (+/- 500m). You may find that if your child is at school it may appear that their location is outside of the school area because they are indoors and without a direct line of sight to receive a satellite signal.

I cannot set the Geo Fence?

Remember the icon needs to be pressed at the bottom of the point or triangle and not the circle part of the icon.

I cannot hear the TG watch ringing or anyone speaking on it? How do I turn up the volume?

Press the number 1 button on the right side of watch up to 7 times. The volume will go from 1 – 7 (7 being the loudest). It sometimes helps to call the watch and do this as it rings.

How does my child send me a SOS for help in an emergency?

Get your child to press the SOS button for 3sec. This will place the watch onto the Alert state and will commence the dialing of the first 3 numbers on the contact list (twice for each number). This will then send an SOS message to each linked emergency SOS phone. This will include an SMS that holds the latitude and longitude, time sent, SOS title and a link to google maps for real tracking.

You need to teach your child to turn down their volume if required so as to not alert the person around them if necessary or if possible an appropriate window to make that call.

What is Poll Drift?

As highlighted earlier, if the device moves from the GPS to the LBS method of tracking, you could see the position “Drift” to up to 500m away (and the icon turn to blue). Do not immediately panic if this occurs. Once you have become familiar with the device and its operations, you will be able to identify when it is drifting, for example – to nearby towers especially near schools.

How often does the Timely Guardian watch update its location?

The TG device has 3 settings to track the device. The watch will start to check and update the current location for 3 minutes once the “locate” button is selected. The interval time for upload is approximately every 3 seconds, and once after the 3 minutes is complete it will revert to the default work setting (There are three settings 1. Power Save - Update once / hr. 2. Normal mode - Update each 10 mins. 3. Follow mode - each minute.

How do I make a call from the watch?

If you want to call the 1st person on the contact list simply press the number 1 button for 3 sec. If you need to call another person from the list of 10 numbers press the number 2 button and keep pressing so it can scroll down the list of numbers. Once you are on the number needed simply hold the button 2 down for 3 sec to make the call.

How do I send a voice message from the watch?

Go to the address book using the “Number 2 button” and select the person to send message too. Hold the “On button” for 5 seconds and it will register a timer, keep holding it down whilst you speak into the watch then release the button to automatically send to the person you chose to message.

How do I retrieve the messge off the watch?

Simply press the SOS button once and it will play the message.

I can’t seem to get the message to connect with the watch via Intercom?

Go back into the Settings on your app and check that all names and numbers have been added to the Contact List and the Telephone list, plus make sure you press save before existing each area.

I keep having the following come up in Maps – Equipment are not connected to the internet?

You may need to go outside to get perfect line of sight for the satellite. Make sure there are no trees or roofs above you as this may affect the connection.  It may simply not have linked with the satellite.

If it still is not working check the following:
Go back into the Settings on your app and check that all names and numbers have been added to the Contact List and the Telephone list, plus make sure you press save before existing each area.

How do I send an SMS to the watch from my smartphone?

Go to your Intercom button on the App and simply text your message as you would any other message you have done in the past. This will then be delivered to your childs watch. Delivery time for the message will vary depending on location and satellite coverage of both devices.

REMEMBER – your childs TG watch CANNOT text you back. This simply enables you to send a message for them to read only.

How do I measure my childs average step to work out Health features?

You'll need: Two pens, calculator and a tape measure

 Follow these steps;

Place one pen on the floor as your starting line.

Hold the other pen in your hand.

Place both of your heels so they are touching your starting line (your pen) and walk 10 steps,

Bring your feet together on the 10th step and place the second pen behind your heels.

Step away and grab your tape measure. Measure the distance between the two pens.

Using your calculator divide the distance by 10. That figure is your stride length.

You can use your heels or toes to measure step length as shown in the diagram above.
Example: Total distance between the two pens is 658 cm.
Divide 658 (cm) by 10 (steps) = 65.8 (cm)=Your average step length is 65 cm or .65m

Tip: We do recommend that you repeat this 2-3 times to give you a more accurate average. Often the first time you'll tend to over exaggerate your steps as you are focusing on walking.

Is the watch waterproof?

The TG watch is water resistant. If it is splashed with water, caught out in the rain etc. it will be fine. It is not recommended that you shower, bath or swim with the watch as this will cause it to stop working.

What is going to occur when 2G services cease in Australia?

As we are all aware, technology is continuously evolving and the planned cessation of 2G is for April / May of 2017 which is why we can only offer a 12 month contract.  This is quite a large impost to close an entire network and we the certainty of the date is not concrete so we are expecting it to move to the right somewhat.  In the interim we are seeking to develop an affordable replacement device, alternate sim plan or possible hardware upgrade.  We will keep you posted as the date gets closer on an alternative so as to keep you connected. 

I can’t seem to see the name of who the phone number belongs to on the watch in contact list?

Make sure on the smart phone in the App go to Settings then telephone section man make sure you have added in the name and phone number for each person you need the watch linked too.